Why should you be our client for your accountancy-consultancy?

In a world of continuous changes in tax laws, our team will find the optimum solution to each of your problems as:

1. Individual, specialized approach to the problems of each client.
2. Quick and reliable proposals-decisions.
3. The ability to communicate with our clients accurately in English, Greek, Russian and Bulgarian.
4. Relationship built on trustworthiness, punctuality and confidentiality for the data of each client.
5. Consistent information in your language.
6. We deal with the problems of our clients as if they are our own,
personal ones.
7. Contact via Skype & e-mail.
8. Contract for accounting services.

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During the past years Bulgaria has attracted a lot of investments from other countries mainly due to the low Tax rates, among the lowest in Europe.
- Income/profit tax: 10%
- Dividend tax 5%
- Social security for the employees 31% (total)
- Tourist tax 9%

In addition, all other costs are low, the creation of a new firm is quick and simple, labor cost is very low and the economy is stable.

SADANSKI town is a modern, European town with a very nice climate, mineral water springs and clean air.
The location is unique as it is near Greece, Sofia and Macedonia. It has a very good infrastructure, a friendly attitude for businesses and a low cost, specialized labor market.